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Lead Artist, Owner, the Chief bottle washer! Award winning art for the finest in custom art and one of the most veteran artist available on the Legacy Blue Tattoo Staff we present Shea Tatum. More Senior artist and body piercer. Josh’s experience as an artist have earned him awards as well as celebrity musical clients, athletes and actors. Josh’s versaltility and knowledge makes him a sought after veteran. Bright bold colors or black and grey. It’s always a good time with Josh behind the needle! More
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John is sought after for his bold lines and bright colors. Creating inspiring tattoos with an illustrative organic and eerie feel; something that has continuity with over 13 years experience he joins the veteran ranks of our artists. More I am a highly motivated and creative artist with an endless imagination that I always look to expand on. My life’s passion is in embellishment of the human body, expressing life stories through art on their skin. I believe tattooing goes into the sacred realm of who the person is and that a great deal of energy is shared between the client and artist, which I hold in high regard. For me it’s a spiritual journey. See Lita’s Work